All About Lap Band Surgery: A Guide to This Site.
by Georgie West, All About Lap Band

Your internet source for lap band surgery information before, during and after your procedure. A website for people considering lap band and those who already have lap band.

Different methods work for different people. Surgery should not be a considered your only option. First you would want to check out controlling your weight via diet and exercise and only after determining those are not suitable for you with the help of a doctor, should surgical methods be considered.
Organized for the Various Stages of Looking at Lap Band

We’ve broken our information down to the different stages of someone considering or who has a lap band. Typically when considering an elective surgery such as lap band or other bariatric surgery, you go through a process. First you think about it and decide to get some information. You may wonder if other types of weightloss surgery might also work for you. That information is in our Alternatives to Lap Band Section. Sometimes people that have surgery face complications or problems. It’s nice to be able to find out about these problems before if and when you encounter them. If you elect to go through with it you will benefit from our Post-Op section and Eating and Nutritional information.
Places to Start Your Journey

Pre-op answers your questions about the procedure, cost and financing options.
Post-op has information for those who already have been banded such as if and when you need a fill, results, excercise and considerations for pregnancy.
Eating and Nutritional Topics of interest for the bander.
Alternatives to Lap Band has information on what alternatives to lap band are available, the differences between them and lap band and how well they work.
Lastly, should you experience problems or just want to know what problems you might encounter you should read the Problems and Complication Information

Lap Band at a Glance

Lap Band Device With lap band, the doctor just makes 6 really small (about 1 cm) incisions to insert a silicone ring (band) around the upper part of the stomach. Placing the ring around the stomach produces a smaller pouch for the food you take in so you would feel full even after eating small amounts of food. You eat less, so, you lose weight.
The ring is adjustable according to the preferences and needs of the patient. Immediately after surgery, the silicone ring is empty. Over time especially when a weight-loss plateau is reached, the surgeon can inject saline inside the ring to tighten the stomach.
The saline can also be lessened or removed according to the effects on the patient’s weight. The fact that it’s reversible ensures that you wouldn’t lose more weight than what is safe.
The small incisions mean minimized post-operative pain and lesser trauma compared to other weight-loss procedures.
Full recovery takes 6 weeks although most patients can actually go home immediately after the procedure..